The Differences And Benefits Of Using A Cot And Bassinet

Are you trying to determine whether a travel cot with bassinet would be better for your baby? Most people believe that these are very similar. As you are planning your nursery, you may not realize how difficult it is to choose the best products. Depending upon the age of your child, each of these will be necessary at certain stages of their life. In general, a bassinet is used early on, typically while they are infants, or as a cot will be used once they are older. These are all great training modalities for children as they learn to properly sleep and understand their space. Here are some of the differences, along with the benefits, of using a cot or a bassinet.

difference between cot and bassinet

What Are The Benefits Of Using A Cot?

A cot also referred to as a crib, is designed for kids that are over the age of one. They are likely able to stand on their own, and the railings will be much higher. A cot will often have a completely different design than a bassinet. It will have walls on all sides. There will be slats, allowing the child to grab them, but they will be high enough to prevent them from getting out. Therefore, the benefit of a cot is that it allows the child to roam around yet will keep them safe.

What Are The Benefits Of Using A Bassinet?

A bassinet is very different from a cot. First of all, it is much smaller. It is designed for an infant. At that stage in their life, they are not able to sit up or stand on their own. These are used primarily to keep them close to the parents while they are learning how to sleep properly. The primary benefit of the bassinet is that it will keep the child safe, but on the other hand, it’s beneficial for the parents as well. If they were to leave their child in a cot, which is likely in the nursery, they would be walking back and forth continually throughout the night.

What Are The Differences Between The Two?

baby cot with bassinet

Some of the differences have already been mentioned. It really comes down to size and purpose. A cot is bigger than a bassinet. The purpose of a cot is to protect a child older than a year in age. A bassinet is for infants. Bassinets are much smaller, and are also mobile, and provide parents with the option of keeping their child close to their bed. Regardless, they are both necessary if you are going to raise a young child.

It is so important to have both of these in your possession if you have recently had a baby. The bassinet will be used by the baby until they are old enough to sit or stand. Subsequently, the child will then be primarily sleeping in, as well as playing in, the cot. After that, they can move to their own bed which typically happens around two years of age. It is important to consider the safety record of all of those products, and you should also look for good deals. This time in their life it is so important to have the best furniture which includes a cot and a bassinet.