What to Know About Rangefinders

A Laser rangefinder is an optical device that uses laser technology to gauge the distance to and fro an object. Although accurate range finding comes in handy when locating or spotting a target, it is indispensable to military forces. They are seen by many defense forces worldwide as standard equipment due to their precision in distance estimation and reliability in firearm targeting. Read the post to know more best rangefinder reviews.

Before the laser rangefinder, there existed more subservient devices that did not employ laser technology hence weren’t as precise. This led to the birth of the laser rangefinder. History tells us that the first laser rangefinder was used on a tank by the soviets. Today, there are rangefinders for different users: hunters, golfers, long-range shooters, surveyors, and realtors.

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As you can see, you can’t just go and buy the first laser rangefinder you see. Take your time and look around fo the various models and their specs. This observation will help you get a rangefinder suited for you and your pocket. Some of the factors to consider when choosing a suitable rangefinder includes:

Scope Range

It’s important to find out the maximum distance under which the device operates for the device to work efficiently in its preferred environment. Be sure to select a rangefinder that exceeds the range you want so that it can accommodate unpredictable external factors.

Amplification and Precision

These are the most significant aspects to look out for. The rangefinder should have a magnification power strong enough to magnify the target up to eight times and an accuracy level of one or less than a yard. The whole reason for having a laser rangefinder is to pin-point your mark with absolute accuracy, so this is a no-brainer.


Since these appliances will mostly be used outside, it is best to get one with good long-lasting material — especially one that is dust and water-resistant. There’s no need of owning a device that after being sprinkled on with a little water, that’s it. Select a water-resistant device that you can even take swimming and any other harsh weather conditions. On top of being waterproof, the device itself also needs to be durable and easy to handle.

Outstanding Modern Technology

Technology has only brought happiness to our doorstep. Everything is more accessible these days which is why you should go for an archery rangefinder under 200 that has incorporated modern tech with things like sensors, mode, angle compensation, magnification, and any new exciting feature you can find. As compared with rangefinders that don’t give you this option, there’s a world of difference. With tech, things are made ten times better.

Laser rangefinders have many more applications in other fields, e.g. construction, forestry, and mining. When buying one make sure it particularly serves the purpose you are buying it for. Also, having a laser rangefinder is like owning an adult toy, but way cooler. The whole purpose of rangefinder features and designs is to help you develop and improve your skill for the better with pinpoint accuracy. Remember, at the end of the day, it’s all about having fun. So don’t forget what it’s all about!