How To Get Started Using The Wavetable Synthesizer

If you’ve ever listened to the pros, their tracks sound incredible because of wavetable synthesis. These beautifully created synths fill your tracks with a modern electric touch. Read on as we dive into some tips on how to use the wavetable synthesizer.


Get Started WIth Wavetable Synthesizer

wavetable synthesis

If you’re looking for a synth plugin, there aren’t many of them available for free. Wavetable synths can be thought of as a snapshot playing in repeat. The oscillator loops ensure that you can them in a continuous note.

Wavetable synths usually come with several prerecorded wavetables; however, some don’t allow users to input their own wavetables.

After you’ve loaded a wavetable, the synth will then cut the recording into smaller pieces. These can be played individually as you desire. While we haven’t created a masterpiece or anything, users can apply filters to their sounds. Low pass filters can be added to remove the high frequencies while allowing low ones to pass.

get started with wavetable synthesizer

Some synths come with a filter known as Gritty that applies a distorted sound. Additionally, there is another element known as the amplitude envelope (ADSR). This allows users to change the timing of their synth. So if you’re interested in fading the synth, you can do that with the ADSR.

If you’re interested in using a sound as a lead, this can be done with a lead. The lead ensures that the synth plays your melody at the front. When the decay and sustain are turned down, the impact also turns down. This makes for a pretty nice fade while producing a natural sound.

Additionally, you’ll also want to shape the tone of the synth you’re working on. The ADSR settings give a better idea of how you can get some really iconic sounds. If for some reason you’re having trouble blending the synth into your song, you can mix it with the chorus so that it spreads out.

Somewhere on your synth, you’ll notice that there’s a wavetable position knob. This is one of the best ways to add excitement to your work. Since several wavetables are created when the synth cuts the recording, the knob allows you to fade from one to the other. By doing so, the sound morphs over time resulting in smooth natural movement as it changes.

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An LFO can be used to automate the wavetable position and it will easily sweep through your set of wavetables. If the effects created are more noticeable than you had planned, you can easily turn the LFO’s speed down. In the same way, if nothing changed you can increase its depth.

So whether you’re using an automated LFO or not, it’s a great way to transform your synths. Additionally, you can also look at what other people are doing by using these amazing devices.


Final Words

As we conclude, we have just looked at how you can get started with your wavetable synthesizer. Wavetable synthesizers give users the ability to produce clean, and beautiful sounds with an electronic touch. While it may seem complicated at first, all it takes is some practice and in no time you’ll be producing your own set of synths.